Inadequate Equilibria: A Summarized Remix

Could you ever do better than all of human civilization on some particular problem? Could you be reasonably confident that you know something experts don’t, or that you’ve discovered a novel solution to a big problem, or that you can “do better” than the best the rest of the world has to offer? Maybe it’s not so far-fetched, given that it’s quite plausible no one is working on some specific problem that you’ve come across…

Never Waste a Good Crisis

It's clear that COVID-19 is a crisis that has exposed civilizational foundations and areas of improvement. The next one won't be like this one though — how can be best prepare?

An Eighty-Year Career

I don't ever want to retire. Instead, I want to have an eighty-year career, one where I get to build upon a lifetime of experience and resources to move the needle on some of the messiest problems we face.

Next Steps

Last week was officially my final week with Trustwork. I'll be joining the Issuing team at Stripe in a month, a relatively new team with a really audacious charter. In the lead-up to making my decision to leave, a couple of factors came together to bring my shields down.

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