No one cares about software quality

No one cares about software quality anymore. I mean, yes technically that is untrue and there are demonstrably some people who do, but for the most part, quality software has become a niche luxury1 while the most commonly-used software has become a slow, laborious cesspool. I just had the misfortune of using the new Google... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to jscodeshift

Recently, I had to make a straightforward change over dozens of files spread across our entire frontend codebase. I didn't like the idea of finding all the files and manually make the change; in the spirit of laziness-driven-development, I decided to figure out a way to script it. I'd discovered jscodeshift a few months ago... Continue Reading →

Tech Stacks are Overrated

In the process of interviewing dozens of junior and intermediate engineers, the questions candidates ask implicitly say as much about them as the rest of the interview. One question that comes up occasionally is some variation of "what tech stack are you using"? List some of the myriad Javascript libraries-du-jour and I get a murmur... Continue Reading →

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