ROI: In-Unit Laundry

I walked past a fancy laundromat + café place today. As a business, I think it's a great idea (although somewhat indulgent as well), but it got me thinking (as one does) about the economics of laundry, especially in apartments that have laundry on-site. My current apartment has a washer and dryer in every unit.... Continue Reading →

Viewing iMessage History on a Computer

An adventure into the thinking behind a weekend code project: I occasionally want to go back and browse conversations I've had, either to lookup some detail or to revisit a discussion. I figured it would be fun to write my own app to browse my Messages history.

Falcon Heavy

I didn't expect to get chills racing down my spine, but I did. Even now, after the initial excitement has worn off, I still think the Falcon Heavy launch and booster landing is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Peter Diamandis explains the idea of super-credibility — an event or confluence of associations... Continue Reading →

Deleting Facebook

A week ago I deactivated my Facebook. It's tempting to indulge in hyperbole and say that it's the best thing I've done for my life, but I don't feel any different. And I think that's the point. After college, I moved across the country, and my mindshare shifted dramatically to figuring out how to be... Continue Reading →

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